In an effort to best treat the entire patient, at Sit. Stay. Heal. we require the pet’s primary care veterinarian’s name and contact information prior to treatment. The patient’s primary care veterinarian must have performed an exam within the last year, in order to establish a valid Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR) with their primary care veterinarian. Recent lab work as well as x-rays may be recommended to best determine a working Western Diagnosis that will ultimately allow for Dr. Cantrell to perform the best treatment for your pet.

Reports/Communication/Follow Up

After all integrative medicine appointments, a report is sent to the client, primary care veterinarian and trainer (if applicable). The report details a comprehensive history, physical exam findings, working diagnosis and all treatments performed and recommended. Additionally, a plan will be made for future treatments. This report is sent to the entire health care team in an effort to stay in communication regarding the patient’s care, and provide the best possible treatment to the patient.