Acupuncture of a myofascial trigger point is easy and rewarding, though it can cause some mild discomfort at the time of needle insertion. Trigger points can be localized and treated by careful palpation, to determine tight bands of muscle that are associated with increased pain intensity and may have an associated twitch response when directly palpated. Once identified, the trigger point is stabilized between two fingers, then an acupuncture needle is inserted directly into the center of the painful point. Achieving a local twitch response with needle insertion is important in accomplishing immediate and more complete pain relief. Rapid redirection and twisting of the needle is helpful to achieve the local twitch response needed for release of the muscle, and is generally well tolerated by the patient.

Additionally, gentle massage can be used to release trigger points and increase circulation. Massage is integrated into all acupuncture appointments and is enjoyed by all pets.